Why Is Rhino THE BEST?

Quality.  Reliability.  Rapid Turnaround.

Personal Attention.  Rhino provides general contractors, concrete washout service providers, construction suppliers and others with the concrete washout container they need to keep construction sites in compliance.

Local Stock Available NOW!

We understand that jobs don’t wait.  You need a concrete washout container that you can rely on, and you need it now.  That is why Rhino keeps a constant stock of both 1 yard and 2 yard concrete washout pans in multiple warehouse locations when you need them.  Most pans are available for pick-up or can be shipped to your site within 1 business day.  No waiting.  No missed jobs.  

Quality Assurance

At Rhino, relationships are the most important part of a strong business.  Those relationships are built on trust and reliability, which can only be established after consistently delivering superior products that exceed expectations. From strict incoming inspections of raw materials and sub-assemblies, to rigorous outgoing inspections of finished products, Rhino integrates quality assurance every step of the way.  The result is a consistent delivery of robust goods that can stand up to the most demanding environments.