Frequently Asked Questions

What washout pan sizes does Rhino offer?

 We stock 2 different washout pan sizes that serve almost every jobsite need.  Our 1-yard capacity pan measures 76” x 76” x 14” deep, and our 2-yard capacity pan measures 80” x 80” x 24” deep.

Why should I get a steel Rhino washout pan instead of a corrugated box or poly bag?

Rhino washout pans ensure a cleaner work environment by providing robust steel construction that you can rely on.  Corrugated and poly options pose a high risk of breakage during use, potentially leading to washout spills.  Further, Rhino washout pans are easily lifted and moved for multiple uses, but corrugated and poly options are limited to 1-time uses.  Rhino washout pans last for several years and will even likely last far beyond your needs!

Does Rhino offer lids for their pans?

At this time, we have not received enough interest in lids from our customers, so we do not keep them in inventory.  However, as this may change in the future, check back regularly with us if you are interested in a small quantity of lids.  If you have a high-volume lid need, please contact us to discuss further. 

How do I know that I am getting a genuine Rhino washout pan?

You are only assured of Rhino’s renowned quality when you buy our washout pans.  Only washout pans with the Rhino Manufacturing Group logo are verified Rhino washout pans. You can also contact us directly to ask about a specific washout pan by:

Do I need to coordinate delivery, or can Rhino do it for me?

We work with a network of truckers and are happy to coordinate delivery direct to your yard or jobsite. However, you also have the option to pick up your Rhino washout pans yourself at one of our warehouses.

If I order washout pans today, how soon can Rhino ship?

We pride ourselves on our very quick turnaround.  We can usually ship within 24 hours of payment processing.

What forms of payment does Rhino accept?

We accept bank wires and credit card payments.  We can also set up payment terms upon credit approval.

How does Rhino ensure that their washout pans are watertight?

You never have to worry about a leak in the field.  We perform rigorous water testing in every single lot of Rhino washout pans.  We fill pans to capacity with water, let them sit for several days, and then perform a detailed leak inspection to ensure each seam is thoroughly sealed. 

What lifting mechanisms can I use with Rhino washout pans?

Rhino washout pans come with multiple versatile lifting mechanisms.  They can be lifted using the forklift pockets on the bottom, lifting eyes in each corner, or D-Rings in each corner. 

How does Rhino determine the lifting capacity of their D-Rings?

Safety is our absolute top priority.  We employ an external, certified licensed and insured testing facility to weight test washout pans from every lot we manufacture.  With each test, we receive capacity verification certifications.  More information regarding our weight capacities and rigging capabilities can be found in our Terms and Conditions here:

Does Rhino have any testimonials from industry professionals have used their washout pans?

Yes!  Our customers love their Rhino washout pans and are not shy about telling us about it.  You can read a few of these testimonials on our website at